Subject: Arrived Sydney
Hi Gail, We have reservations here in Brisbane now, until the 10th of November. Where do you go after you leave Cairns? You must know how huge this country of Australia is, so let's try to GTG somewhere closer to where we will both be at the same time, okay? We do plan on getting all the way up to Cairns (I think it is something like 1200 miles between Brisbane and Cairns.) Will you get close to the Sunshine Coast area? That is only a couple of hours away? Let us know. Thanks for the interest.

Today we arrived in Brisbane after a 17 and a half hour bus tour from Sydney. It sounds daunting, but it really wasn't. The nice thing about a bus trip is you are still connected with most of your senses. In a plane, you really have nothing to look at except the inside of the plane. (This is not our idea of people watching.) Also, I guess we just don't feel so powerless in a bus, so the time passes with our participation, rather than just feeling like you are enduring it is a plane. We think bus travel is even preferable to train trips, because you see more, go slower, and again, are part of the adventure. (You can even heckle the driver Try that in a train or plane.)

So anyway, after we arrived in Brisbane at 6 a.m., we checked our bags and then took the city cat river cruise all day, stopping where we wanted to explore. So tonight we will retire early, to awaken refreshed, we hope, for further adventures in Brisbane. The people here, in Australia, I know we keep saying it: but they are wonderful! All you have to do is look like you need help, and some kind person will step up and ask are you lost?, do you need any help? Weather was in the mid 80s today, BTW (spring is much warmer than summer was in Scandinavia.)

Regards, Marghe and Marty in Brisbane.