Subject: Arrived Sydney
Marghe &Marty:

Looks as if we're on the same coast, but with conflicting schedules! From Cairns, we go north to Cape Tribulation, staying at my favorite spot, PK's Jungle Village until Nov16. From there, back down to Cairns, then train to Brisbane arriving on Nov 17. Brisbane to Sydney Nov 19, then back to the states, sadly. We're just squeezing this quick trip in (that job thing gets in the way again) as I've only returned last week from Cape Breton N.S. Unfortunately, the only time I've checked luggage in I don't know how many trips &I guess you know what happened: baggage gone, probably Hangar 9 in CHI. Grrr.

Where do you stay in Brisbane? Sounds as if our tastes are similar...

Slainte, Gail in Eugene