Subject: Budapest-Prague
Hi all fellow Ziners, I have been to Hungary twice and plan on returning there in May or June of 2001. I found a place to stay through IBUSZ. People think it is for students only. In no way is it just for the young folks. I am in my forties, a female who traveled there alone. Alone to me no one else was with me at all. I had a blast there. I stayed with a family in a flat. I had my own room, was given keys to come and go as I pleased. I got so close to the family that I stayed with, that I now call them my Aunt and Uncle. I don't have to use an agency anymore. Now when I return there I stay with them. I still pay them to stay there but it cuts out the middle man. I pay under $20.00 a night, and I and treated like one of the family. They give me free tours of the city. I did pay for any extra costs for transportation on trains. Buses, metros, or any transportation needed, it is very reasonable, since they are seniors, only about fifty cents to a dollar. More if you go way out of town. They have their passes for around Budapest. I never had to pay for any transportation in Budapest itself. For Tours can be costly sometimes. So it is well worth it treat them out to a meal too. Of course they always refuse to let me do that. I treated them to snacks and nonalcoholic drinks. Which they agreed to happily. I did chip in for food in the house. And bring Flowers to Lady of the house, She cried with such Joy! And show them to everyone with such pride. I was embarrassed by first. I love Hungary it is so beautiful, but be prepared for all the smokers and the pollution there. I have a friend who went there who is a smoker and he said he felt he smoked way less there because it lingered in the air and it saved him money. Please feel free to e-mail for any information you need. My name is Alice. peacheskov