Subject: Slow Food - Torino
To Graziella, Simona, Peter and All, It's Sunday evening here and we just returned from Torino and the Slow Food Conference. Peter had sent me the literature on Slow Food a few months ago, and I must say Thank You, Thank you, Thank you, Peter. First of all, Simona - your city of Torino is spectacular. We had no idea it was so lovely. Everything about Torino was far beyond my expectations. I'm sorry we could only spend two nights, but we were lucky to get hotel reservations at all. We look forward to visiting Torino many more times in the future. The Slow Food Conference was also outstanding - with over 500 exhibitors - luckily, most from Italy. We spent two seperate afternoons enjoying what we could. A large percentage of the exhibitors were very small producers of food products that are still making their goods following century old customs. One of my favorite balsamic vingear producers - Italo Pedroni - was there and we had a great time tasting and talking. He was quite pleased with his results there, too, as by Saturday night, he had already sold out one of his vinegars and felt sure he would be totaly sold out of everything by Sunday night. Simona - we were there the night of the 28th, too. Did we by chance meet? Graziella - Yes, Claudio is definitely a spirtual member, too. I brought him some Lardo di Colonnata from the Conference. His Uncle and Aunt live in the area of Carrara and he and his parents were kind enough to share some of this particular Lardo with me when they visited there last in June. The wine tasting room at the Slow Food Conference was beyond descripton with over 2700 bottles of wine open for tasting. I don't know if I enjoyed the city of Torino or the Conference the most, but I must thank several of you for informing me of this incredible event. I've known about the Slow Food group for years, but not to this extent. Bill Sutherland Montefollonico, Italy