Subject: Arrived Brisbane (was Sydney)
Hi Gail, We are staying in the Oxford Kangaroo Point Suites. They are little apartments made just for travelers who like a small kitchen with a separate sleeping room (so those staying up late won't keep those going to bed early awake :-) It is only 5 years old and we got a rate of $A 70 per night! (About 37.50 USD). We can and do recommend it here, if you like to be independent and do not require room service and daily maid service and 24 hour reception desks. It is the way we like to live when we travel, as we like to stay in one place longer and really get to explore the area we are visiting. We move on when we have seen what we wanted to see. We learned the Aussies have an expression for what we are doing: we are On The Wallaby. And we agree our schedules do not seem to mesh - this time. Maybe when you return, since it appears that you enjoy traveling to Australia, too. Yesterday we walked from 7:30 am until 2:00 pm, with a half hour stop to look at rental units and an hour for lunch. Figure we walked at least 12 miles, probably a bit more. The weather is heavenly; we have had nothing but warmth and sunshine. We have had a bit of rain, but it is most welcome here as it is everywhere, as long as there is not too much of it. We have found Brisbane to be much more to our liking than was Sydney. In fact, they have 300 days of sunshine here on average a year. It has a beautiful, clean river running right through the main districts. We took a ferry across the river on our very first day here. There we boarded a River Cat, a very fast, quiet catamaran than runs all the way well above the city to the north, as well as to the south. We enjoyed riding the ferries the last time we were here, and this trip is no different. We still have not found an Indian restaurant, but we sure looked long and hard for one today. When we finally did find a couple, they were not serving lunch on Saturdays! No worries, Mate: we just had Bombay Mid East food instead. Not as tasty as we would have liked, but lunch was in a beautiful, tropical inner courtyard. Marghe commented that the town could not get too cold, as there was a huge stag horn fern growing on a beautiful Plumeria tree. We are ahead of America by at least 18 hours, so today is our Sunday. We will rest up, get in some swimming and get all geared up for Monday. All the best, Marghe and Marty.