Subject: Slow Food

Pedroni's aceto is 20.000 Lire for his salad vinegar (250ml). 12 1/2 year old is 80.000 (100ml) and the 25 year old is 130.000 (100ml). The older vinegars are worth every Lire. At those prices, I don't think you'll find it on the menus at McDonalds or Chic-Fila. Sig. Pedroni gave me one of his eye droppers so I wouldn't waste any of the 25 year old. Peter, November 4 - December 3, is the Sapore di Roma and there are all sorts of events and restaurants participating in the month long activities - email me before you leave if you want some info. Via Roma - I couldn't agree more. We can't wait to return to Torino. On your Piemonte itinerary - stop in Nieve at La Contea. Tonino and Claudia are delightful people. Claudia did a special cooking class for my dad when I took him there a few years ago. Bill Sutherland