Subject: Slow Food - Torino
First of all, Simona - your city of Torino is spectacular. We had no idea it was so lovely. Everything about Torino was far beyond my expectations. I'm sorry we could only spend two nights, but we were lucky to get hotel reservations at all. We look forward to visiting Torino many more times in the future.

I'm SO sorry. It's been long time since I haven't read the travelzine, due to tons of work, so I didn't know that you were coming here, otherwise we could have met. I see from your signature that you live in Italy, so I really hope you'll be back in Torino soon. There are many things to see around and the city it's really nice now. Besides it used to be the first capital of Italy and the place the Royal family belongs to.

I guess you didn't miss the area where some rare products where shown. Here in Europe, and above all in Italy, we have the problem that with the new european laws many wonderful products can disappear because they are made in a way that the CEE considers not so hygienic. As you probably know Slow Food is working harder to mantain our wide range of food, so different in every region and sometimes in every city. E.g. the last problem was that the CEE wants to allow Germans to sell a cheese they call parmesan, but that it's completely different from the italian parmigiano. So, they want also to guarantee the original products.

> One of my favorite balsamic vingear producers - Italo Pedroni - was there Wow, I had the privilege to taste it too. Fantastic!

> Simona - we were there the night of the 28th, too. Did we by chance meet? Probaly on friday? I was there friday night, and after a small tour (it was SO big!) I went to the wine tasting area. I cannot explain how happy I was to taste a wonderful Barbaresco '97!!!! :))

>I brought him some Lardo di Colonnata from the Conference.

This is just wonderful, I tasted it too! And I really hope you'll enjoy the town in your next visit. I'm waiting for you :))

Simona, Torino, Italy