Subject: Slow Food - Torino
Hi Peter,

it's nice to hear from you again. Two weeks ago I was in Alba to buy a white truffle, and I remind our lovely GTG!!! I can tell you that by your last visit to Torino, the city has really changed. On 2006 there will be the winter olimpic games, so the city received some money for a re-style (!!!)and many areas have been improved or completely changed and now are more beauty (a part from the bad damages made bu the terrible floods of some weeks ago). And a new museum has opened where there is La Mole: the museum of the cinema: it's a must to visit, a part from the other very interesting museums in town.

> There is a shop in NYC that carries that balsamic--for a couple of ounces it
> is over US$100. How much is it there?

If I'm correct could be half the price, but I don't know about the wheight.


Simona, Torino, Italy