Subject: Torino

> Tourists often disregard Torino, peccato!!

This is not only due to turists but also to the fact that for years Piemonte didn't sell it's image all over. I was born and grew in Milano and when I arrived in Torino I only wanted to cry. People were very closed and the city was so grey and declining. It seemd that people didn't want any turism here, and it used to be only a city to work (due to the Fiat company). After years and slowly people has changed (young above all) and (thanks to the fact that) Fiat has moved many branches in other places, so Torino needed an alternative. In the last few years they are doing a lot of works in order to let the city be known all over and to make it more beautiful. I think it's their fault if in the past wasn't known or known only as ugly city.

Ciao Simona, Torino, Italy.