Subject: Torino
For the last days of December, with some friends, we are organizing a trip to France to sky, but I really hope your stay will include some days in which I'm here. So let me know your exact period. Regarding the New Years Eve, like quite every town in the north, the will be some amusement in the centre, along the streets or in Piazza S. Carlo, or Piazza Castello, but I don't know much about it. People usually go to the mountains, which are very closed. One of my best New Years Eve was in Valle D'Aosta, where there is a small town that you can reach ONLY by cableway (so no cars there). They used to make the torchlight procession (sky teachers) and a bonfire, where peaple used to dance and sing around, with the help of the best drink of the area: the Grolla, which is a coffee with a LOT of alchool. Very good!!!! ;-)))

Ciao Simona, Torino, Italy