Subject: Driving in Tuscany and Umbria
Don and Linda-

My husband's first trip out of the country was to Italy. We picked up the car at Fiumicino and drove into Rome with him driving. I was trying to tell him the signs to follow in Italian. He kept saying left, right or straight?! My suggestion is to agree that the navigator goes with left, right or straight as directions. When I finally knuckled under, I think it saved our marriage!

Seriously, driving in Tuscany and Umbria is not difficult. It is simply narrow roads in some places and lots of hills and curves. The roads are well marked. You only need to know the name of the towns in the direction you are going because that is how the intersections are designated. We had the Michelin map, and it was very good down to the smallest villages. And, having learned to drive in Boston, Don will do just fine in the cities.

Have a great trip.

Lisa in Chicago