Subject: Re: Driving in Tuscany and Umbria
I was formed as a driver in Umbria after learning to drive in Los Angeles, and I'm here to tell the tale. I agree with what people have said about there not being too many problems. Some things I would note: this past summer I saw that speed limits were posted that were ridiculously low. If you drive at moderate speed (but still over the limit) on twisting 2-lane roads, people can come from behind and pass you at unsafe spots, apparently believing a higher power is looking out for them. If you're returning to stick shift driving after not doing so for a while, there's a trial by fire in uphill stops. Many city centers are closed to traffic; parking is generally available on the edge of town. In Perugia there are escalators from the lots to the center. The lots have varying rules: free; getting a ticket from the gate as you enter and paying as you leave, in which case you walk up to a booth to pay and get the ticket validated and insert the ticket into the gate as you leave; with one meter for the lot or block, which prints a ticket to put in the windshield showing your time--keep coins for these; or zona disco where you put a disc in the windshield showing your arrival time.

Hoping you have a great trip through this great area.

Andrew St. Joseph, Missouri