Subject: Re:Driving in Italy
We just returned from our first self guided trip to Italy. We rented a car at the Milan airport from Auto Europe with a lock trunk, four door, tho there were only two of us. We kept umbrella, raingear in the back seat along with water, etc. When we parked all day we locked what we did not need in the trunk for safety. The things I will tell you would have helped me very much, tho they may be too simple when read by the frequent travel group. The toll road puzzle was the first snag. To enter most segments, take a ticket from the machine to raise the gate.When you exit, many times there is no attendant. Put the ticket in the slot using the arrows for the direction, let the machine eat the ticket, then put your credit card in the same slot and it will be eaten as well, but in a few seconds, will return, with the amount of toll in the window. Punch a button for a reciept. On the larger exit gates you have a choice of a gate with an attendant, or one with a large blue sign with a V type logo, and other credit card logos below. Sometimes you have no time to slow down enough to choose a preferred gate. Some gates are limited to Toll Tags only. If you get in the attendant's gate, he will take only cash. It is good to have some small bills and coins for faster payment. If you cannot understand the amount he tells you , look at the window and see it displayed rather than try to communicate. I planned to post this in the primer I mentioned as vital information that some travelers think everyone knows. The other thing that helped us very much were the regional province maps that we did not know about. The scale is very large and they are easy to read. I used the Michelin numbered map along with the province maps which show all the roads in an expanded view. I bought them as I needed them but had trouble finding some provinces.I have found a web site to buy them before you go. The other thing that is vital is a city map of all the small walled cities which are free at the information centers of most cities. I see that this is going to be too long for the daily, tho I have more help for the roads. Where should I post it ? Evelyn in Texas