Subject: Driving in Italy
First - get a great map - We use the Touring Club Italiano maps that are spiral bound - not so much folding and refolding, and they have virtually every road and tiny town. And expect navigational mistakes. Even with the best map, and intentions, sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly which left turn to take.

Second - Figure out the sorta of big cities on your route and just past your destination. Roads are generally not marked with numbers like in the US, but with directional arrows to cities. As you get close to your destination, if it is small, you'll start to see signs for it, but don't be surprised if you don't see many.

Third - Do everything possible to avoid driving in big cities. Park out from the city and take a bus, cab, whatever in. The traffic and one way streets and do not enter signs will make you crazy, even with a map.

Fourth - When in doubt, go straight. For some reason this worked really well for us on our last driving trip - maybe it will help you too...

We have not had any trouble driving in Italy, and in fact, are pretty relaxed about it now. It's a great way to see Umbria and Tuscany.

Callie in New Orleans