Subject: Driving &memoirs

The trouble with this travel thing: you get hooked.

Anyway, I haven't finished my Cape Breton travel memoirs &I'm off to Cairns & Cape Tribulation tomorrow to collect more memories!

My dearest friend, a widow, is a cancer survivor &in the dark days when she was undergoing chemotherapy (I lived with her for 6 mos), the only thing that kept her going was the promise of as many trips as she wanted, wherever in the world she wanted! So, 2 years later, she's holding me to it! We've been to Italy, London, Cape Breton, Florida, and now Australia.

We'll miss Marghe &Marty (they head south just when we head north), &I doubt we'll check in at internet cafes while we're gone, but who knows?

Slainte, Gail in Eugene, but not for long