Subject: Re: Driving in Tuscany and Umbria
Hi everyone,

I have read, and agree with so many of the suggestions already posted on this subject. One thing that has always helped me is this wonderful website that a fellow ziner once recommended to me was the routeplanner provided by I was going to heartily recommend it, but when I just checked on the site, they have decided to take it down. I'm sure that there are other good mapping/direction services, like Mapquest, but I had relied on the CW Lease site very heavily these last couple of years. If any one else can recommend a good alternative, I'd be very interested.

My only other suggestion is to bring a small, folding cooler (plastic type) which you can keep in your car and fill with all sorts of goodies as you travel, and it will help keep your beverages colder as well. In Chicago, you can purchase this item in a Walgreens or similiar type of store. It is great to have when you come across places selling fresh cheeses, fruits, sweets, etc.

Jonathan Chimene Chicago