Subject: New Member in Philippines
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Hi everyone!! This is my first time to send a message but I've enjoying all your E-mails.

Just arrived two weeks ago from California. Enjoyed a lot in San Francisco and had a great time in Las Vegas especially my stay in Paris Hotel. We drove to Monterey visiting the Gallery of this great Painter of Light, Thomas Kinkade. I was attracted to his book entitled Passages of Light, a compilation of selected scriptures from the Bible and his paintings, and got 2 copies for myself and my daughter who drove for us.

We passed by the famous 17-mile drive, stopped by Pebble Beach Golf Course on our way to the City of Carmel. It is fantastic!! So sorry for not being able to stay longer than I wanted as we had to drive back to San Francisco.

I love travelling so much, I love to meet new friends and acquaintances and learn about their culture, food, architecture, etc. Last year was Europe where I went to Bratislava to attend an International Ballroom Conference. No, I'm not a professional ballroom dancer but I can dance socially. I then passed by Vienna, Paris, and London to attend an International Ballroom Competition in Blackpool, England. It was a wonderful experience.

I was on a pilgrimage tour the other year in Europe where we traveled to Rome, Paris, Spain, Italy, Portugal, among others but that would be another long story. It's nice to be part of this group and I know better next time I travel. Will keep in touch. Hope to hear from anyone of you, and would anyone please inform me if you are coming over so I could meet with you. Best regards -- CCCuasay (Philippines) Celia