Subject: Torino
Hi folks, I'm happy to read so many favourable comments about Torino (for instance,Grace wrote:
>In my opinion Torino is a city full of elegance....Tourists often disregard Torino, peccato!)

Not only foreigners so often disregard Torino,but also Italians,so much so that I,for one, have lived 46 years in Milan and I have visited Torino for the first time this year. I knew from guidebooks,magazines,etc.,that it had a rich history and a tradition of material and cultural wealth,but even so these informations where losing in contrast with the common idea that it's just an industrial town of no interest.

I discovered,like many of you,a real gem,and I,too,plan to go back often in the future(especially since it's less than two hrs.from home !).As a special note I want to recommend you the place were we had lunch.It's called Ristorante Tre Galline,and it's smack dab in the middle of the historic center of town,in a location where you will see many immigrants,especially on Saturday when the adjoining Porta Palazzo market looks like an african market.The address is via Bellezia 37.A simple place with great traditional food from Piemonte at a very reasonable price.

Nice day, Leonardo