Subject: Umbria (WAS:Driving Thru Tuscany and Umbria)
Hi Don, Linda , Leslie and anyone else heading to Umbria, and the Assisi/Perugia area:

Please consider our favorite place:

Santa Maria degli Ancilloti at this link:

We have no commercial ties to this country house hotel, but both agree that we have never been anywhere more enchanting, and at such a great price. And the food!! Beyond wonderful. The showers are tiny, but after searching for a complaint, that is the only one we could come up with.

This place is run by a great family, it is gorgeous, stylish, spotless, and I could go on and on. You can also see my recommendation in the Hotel Database.

By the way, I love Umbria. Even better than Tuscany. It is so holy..... I know this sounds weird, but you can feel the presence of San Francesco and Santa Chiara in so many places. The light in Umbria is gorgeous. It also seems to be less touristed, if you don't count Assisi......

Perugia is an amazing city, and so fashionable! I could go on, but have to go to work.

Ciao, Debbie