Subject: Re: Torino
Hello to all, I have been following the enthusiastic thread about Torino with much interest. About a year ago, I posted a question asking if there are any sites in Torino connected to the life of a native son Primo Levi, the great writer. At that time, no one knew of anything that the public was able to visit. Since so many of us seem to be visiting Torino, I thought I would ask again. Are any the visitors to Torino readers of P. Levi? I will include a link that profiles Levi:

Many of my favorite journeys have included seeking out the homes, graves, or other sites connected to great authors. Levi is one of the greatest, (his Holocaust chronicles, fiction, and essays are all essential reading) and I would be interested in knowing if there is a memorial or anything else connected to him in Torino.

Grazie, Debbie