Subject: Why Leo Boselli said farewell to Travelzine
Hi everybody

I read yesterday night the query from one of you about what happened with Leo Boselli. I apologize because it was late night and my brain wasn't properly working in order to give you a full explanation (in English) about what happened, so I'm responding just now.

The Travelzine is a free (meaning at no charge) and democrat meeting point for people (over 750 now) who want to share suggestions, thoughts and disagreement. In order to be truly enjoyed by anyone, you Ziners have to comply with a few rules, like behaving well, do not offend anyone, do not promote your commercial service and keep your signature to three lines only.

Since we (moderators) strongly believe in public praising and private reprisal, when we have to remind someone about the rules we write to him/her privately, in the nicest possible way. If the offender willingly fails to comply, write back nasty things or refuse to accept the rules, we have to ban him/her in order to preserve what the list presently is and the way all of you like. Leo Boselli did all that, but since he was an active and resourceful member, we gave him another opportunity putting him on moderated status, i.e. all his hessages had to be authorized by a moderator before being posted. He didn't accept it, and after having tried to justify himself with the same stuff you read on his message, he decided to bypass the moderators and sent a fake message to Travelzine (which was of course suspended awaiting approval) and putting all your email addresses in the CC line, addresses he has carefully collected over the years. There's only a word for it : SPAM, and we dealt with him as we previously did with all spammers, banning him permanently now.

If you receive a message from Leo Boselli, be aware it isn't coming through Travelzine but it's a direct email as he now has the email addresses of most of you, having unlawfuly collected them for his personal use. If some of you believe Leo Boselli is still a person you want to write to, please feel free to do it to his email address but do not use Travelzine.

One last reminder: Travelzine is a PRIVATE list, open to all people willing to follow its rules. After all, if you wish to go to church, you won't probably be expected to jump on your pew and tell the priest how he should run his parish.....

Thanks to all of you and regards

Paolo Maietta, co-moderator Trieste, Italy