Subject: Driving in Italy + More SLOWFOOD
Hello Listers,

There is one more reminder I would mention to Americans driving on the Italian autostrada. ALWAYS stay in the right lane, unless you are passing another car. This convention is not used on US highways, and each time I find myself driving on the autostrada with an uninitiated American, they are invariably shocked and annoyed that someone would come racing up behind them, at 100 mph with headlights flashing, practically kissing their bumper. The left lane is for passing only, the right lane is for normal driving, and once you get used to this convention, you begin to appreciate its wisdom and simplicity.

Returning to Slow Food, there is an Internet food writer, specializing in Italy cuisine, who has just written a review of the recent Salone del Gusto in Torino. By way of introduction to his newsletter, he has also given an excellent description of the Slow Food manifesto and their general philosophy of living. It is about a page and a half long, so I have asked Jude to post it in in the Files area of Travelzine at the egroups site. If you are interested more in what the Slow Food movement is all about, Kyle Phillips has done a remarkable job of explaining their work.