Subject: Driving in Italy
There was a thread last week about this but I finally am acclimatized to my home time zone!

The main problem is the road signs: they seem to be placed at a 45 angle to the road and the arrow then points directly between two roads. I suppose if you know the convention then it works. There are also so many road signs in a given stretch of road; a sharp bend will have a speed limit, a curve, a slippery when wet, a slippery when icy &a keep left as a minimum.

And of course, you must know the convention for traffic circles or roundabouts - who has right of way, etc.

Richard who was driving said that Tuscan drivers were good. However, driving out of Florence in the dark was hair-raising. Rome area drivers are much more aggressive than in Tuscany or at home.

Parking is the major nuisance in Tuscany - most towns have historic centres closed to most traffic (thankfully!). At this time of year, we were able to find reasonably priced and located parking in Siena, but not in Florence. Take the train to Florence.