Subject: Re: RE:One day in Hong Kong -- #34must see's#34??
Hi Pat,

Rick's got some good suggestions there. Let me add a few more ... some of which depend upon the person's interests:

The Bird Garden in Prince Edward - newly renovated, but still a place for older Hong Kongers to congregate and enjoy each other's company (making it a fascinating 'people watching' place) - watch the old men enjoy a game of cards while their pet birds sing to each other hanging in their cages in the trees above them. - they also have some really neat bird cages for sale (and ... live crickets if they excite too )

Nearby is the short Flower Market Street which has to have the highest density of flowers in the world. I love to wander down the street and watch them creating bouquets etc. on the street.

There's a rather neat market just a block over from the above as well (all within a few blocks of Prince Edward MTR, or subway, station). It's called the ladies market and it's on Fayuen Street .

[especially for the jet-lagged visitor who's up really early] Take a stroll through Hong Kong, Victoria or Kowloon Park early in the morning and watch people doing tai chi.

[for those who like to walk, get a feel for a typical New Territories village and see a bit of nature] take a ferry ride to Cheung Chau, pick up a map at the ferry dock (on the island) and walk around the island. You'll end up back on the promendade for a sumptuous seafood lunch - then back to HK Island in time for an afternoon and evening full of discovery.

If the weather is nice and the pollution low (and the odds are good that both will be so in December), The Peak (actually Victoria Peak) is a great place to look down over the tops of skyscrapers onto the harbour and across to Kowloon. She could take the tram up and then enjoy the nice walk around the top that gives you a feel of how the 'uppercrust' live as well as views of the other side of the island, down to Aberdeen and Stanley. One of my favourite restaurants is The Peak Cafe - great food and atmosphere and a wonderful view from the outside patio of the valley below.

Another place with a great view is The Regent Hotel - if she's in Kowloon late afternoon ... it's worth the high cost of a drink to take advantage of their magnificent view of the harbour looking across at Hong Kong Island.

As Rick says - just walking around can be lots of fun in HK. The alleyways of Central and Wanchai are full of markets that are wonderful to wander through and a great place to 'drink in' the atmosphere of this place. And a Must is a tram ride across the island (get on near the Western Market in Sheung Wan and ride it all the way to North Point for a whole $2 HK!

There are some other suggestions on the Hong Kong main page of our site at:

I'd be happy to answer any questions your friend may have re. working in HK as well as tourist sites. I've been here for 4 years now and can't imagine living anywhere else! Please give her my email address.

Cheers! Judy in HK