Subject: Re: Re: Provence/Paris-Solo Traveler- Help!
We have made this trip several ways - flying into Marseille (connecting from a European country), taking the train straight from the airport to Avignon, and in Dec. we'll be flying to Nice on Delta. That's best for us this time, since we'll be going to Italy, and wanted to be on the riviera. But if you want to be in inland Provence, it will be a few hours drive from Nice, and a connecting flight to Marseille will get you much closer. I find it relaxing to take the train from CDG -Avignon - always rest better and even sleep on the train as opposed to the flight over. And we've learned that you really don't have to have reservations ahead of time, especially important if you're concerned about your flight timing. There are several trains a day from the airport to Avignon, and almost always room, especially in first class. If you choose to fly, and have a connecting flight from CDG, you should be able to get on a later flight if you miss the first one due to delays. My advice, for a single traveller, would be to fly to Paris, train from the airport to Avignon, and pick up a car there to enjoy Provence. Happy travels- Anne in VA