Subject: Re: Hotel at Amsterdam Airport
Dear Diane,

Amsterdam is very small. You can take a shuttle to virtually any hotel in Amsterdam. However, if you want to stay very close to Schipol Airport there are many hotels nearby.

Please be aware, I have not personally tried any of these. I got the names from several different webpages, which is why some have phone numbers but no prices, and vice versa. (I am sorry I don't remember which web pages the information is from. I have been doing a lot of hotel research lately for friends coming to visit me.)

The prices on the hotels near the airport do tend to be outrageously high, IMHO, but my guess is they are designed for business travellers with generous expense accounts. If you are in that category, enjoy! :-) If you are more budget conscious, I highly, highly recommend you explore hotel options closer to the city centrum. Either way, I hope you enjoy your stay in A'dam however long or short it may be!

Hotels Near Schipol:

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel &Confe Schiphol Boulevard 101

Hotel Mercure Schiphol Terminal Postbus 75041 Schiphol Airport 1117 ZN

Radisson SAS Hotel Amsterdam Airport Park Schipol-Rijk Boeing Ave 2

Hilton Schiphol Amsterdam Airport Herbergierstraat 1 Amsterdam tel. (+31) 20-603-4567

Golden Tulip Barbizon Schiphol Kruisweg 495 Amsterdam tel. (+31) 20-655-0550

Dorint Hotel Schiphol Amsterdam Stoterweg 299 Amsterdam tel. (+31) 20-658-8111

Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Airport Schipholweg 181 Amsterdam tel. (+31) 20-502-5100

Erina Amsterdam, The Netherlands