Subject: Re: Provence/Paris-Solo Traveler- Help!
To Anne and other Ziners who have responded to original e-mail:

Many thanks for your thoughtful &prompt responses. My plans are finally beginning to come together. I've also found Bonjours Paris,, to be a very helpful website for travelers to France.

Regarding mode of travel in Provence.....after cooking classes,I'm sorely tempted to rent a car and use Avignon/Aix(??)as home base(s) for day trips. However, without benefit of a tour guide or another person in a spread-out area like Provence , I'm concerned that I'll be limited to standard stuff rather than what interests me -- Impressionist art, antiques, open-air markets, Roman history, local culture. Am also concerned that I'll spend too much time on logistics and will be putting myself at too much risk with solo driving. Have found some small group tours that appear interesting, but they would involve major curtailing -- or elimination of -- cooking classes.

A dilemma!

Would appreciate your help. How could my concerns be addressed?