We are getting set to take our fourth trip to Italy. We will be revisiting Venice after not having seen it the past couple of trips, but we will not be seeing Rome this time. We _must_ see Florence again.

Our personal favorite restaurants:

1. Venice--Trattoria Poveleda (or something approximating that), which is on the Lista di Spagna (the street that passes in front of the train station. 2. Florence--Giglio Rosso (say hello to Angelo for us if you go there, he is the maitre d') or Bordinos. 3. Rome--most restaurants in the Trastevere, Campo di Fiore, or Piazza Navonna areas (the two last named are across the street from one another). Piazza Navonna is great for gelato dessert. Trastevere is a bit out of the way, though served by bus. For snacks or light lunch, places near the pantheon are great. Testacchio is another district that is perhaps best noted for more traditional and unusual dishes, but we have never eaten there.

It is difficult to mention things to visit, because much depends upon your religious orientation. With only one day, it would be difficult to visit the wonderful Uffizzi in Florence since you might be spending a lot of your time waiting. Regardless of your religion, the art in the Vatican is magnificent, but it too is crowded (and for good reason).

Although you did not mention shopping, I would suggest that Florence has the most to offer. We buy our jewelry at Vaggi's on the Ponte Vecchio and leather jackets at Old Town Leather just across the bridge from the Duomo side on what is called the Altrano side (Bordino's is a block away). Although some feel the jewelery stores on the Ponte Vecchio are overpriced, we feel the quality more than makes up for it. In addition, it is centrally located if you have little time. Near this area is Il Porcino street market. I like the San Lorenzo market a bit more, but it is a few blocks father away. Both are great for leather goods.

Ira H. Bernstein, Ph. D. Professor of Psychology UT-Arlington