Subject: Re: Christmas Markets?
Erina asked about Christmas markets.....

There are Christmas markets all over Germany from the end of November to Dec. 24, selling many handcrafted Christmas ornaments as well as food items. The stands are set up outdoors. Gluwein, the hot spiced wine, and non-alcoholic kinderpunch are sold in cups that you can buy as souvenirs. The biggest &most famous markets are in Nuremburg &Munich but I think the small ones in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen area are more fun, intimate, & really give you a feeling for the tradition. Usually there is oompah band playing and you can also buy wurst on rolls and other German specialities to eat. I've been to markets the last two years but probably won't get there this year. Two years ago I went to a market in Krun which is a tiny town south of Garmisch. It was snowing &there was about a foot of snow on the ground. The kids were sledding &also riding on big, big horses, townspeople were visiting, the band was playing, and we were the only tourists in the crowd. Very special time! Enjoy.

Carol Bailey Madras, Oregon USA High desert country