Subject: Restaurant info for Buenos Aires wanted
Hello Rosaly,

We stayed not too far from the Intercontinental when we were there in '95. You'll find plenty of very reasonably priced restaurants in the neighbourhood of the Hotel. I'm sorry, I never kept names of the places we ate at. I do remember that there is a street (a pedestrian mall) that runs perpendicular to the Avenidos Florida (Florida Avenue) which is the famous pedestrian mall in Buenos Aires that has loads of stores, boutiques, and shopping centres. The 'perpendicular' street had loads of restaurants and night clubs on it. We ate at a number of restaurants on this street and they were all wonderful....great places with giant barbecue pits/rooms at the front; upon which the cooks prepared all that wonderful Argentinian beef, and poultry, sausages, fish. etc. I'm salivating just thinking about it!! One thing I can's(probably!!) not a great place to eat if you're a vegetarian.


John Wiernikowski Hamilton, Ontario