Subject: Re: Christmas Markets?
When I was in Barcelona last December, there was a very lively, extensive Christmas market that took over the warren of old streets around the Cathedral. It was all outside, and it would best be described as being more like an arts and crafts fair, with a Christmas theme running through most of the merchandise. Vendors set up little booths along the streets, and there were lots of hanging ornaments, creche figurines, hand-made toys, candles, etc. Although it was fun for a couple of hours, there wasn't a great deal of variety in the items for sale. My girlfriend, however, did almost all of her Christmas-decoration shopping here, and she could have spent a couple of days exploring all of the booths and chatting with the vendors. There was NO street food, but on the other hand, it seems that in Spain there is always a warm, inviting tapas bar just a few steps away from wherever you find yourself.