Subject: Re: Re: Versailles (was Provence/Paris-Solo Traveler)
Versailles is beautiful and well worth seeing but I thought Fountainbleau was more elegant. It is a matter of taste. Perhaps I liked the decor of Fountainbleau, and it was annoying that Versailles had so many guided tours from various countries. It was crowded, and an argument developed between a German guide at Versailles speaking German loudly to her group. It overrode our guide explaining the various rooms. She asked the German guide if she could lower her voice to which she replied nein. Giverny is a must see. We went into a large well known book store before we left for Paris and bought a book which opened up into a pop-up book of each section of Giverny, and it did make it easy to get around once we got there. We took a tour bus which is readily available near the Tuilleres Gardens that has lunch at a beautiful barn converted into a restaurant and had a delicious lunch with with wine before arriving at Giverny. I found the kitchen of Monet's home fascinating, as he liked Japanese art. I will never forget my visits to these places. By all means, go. Elaine