Subject: Cold weather photopraphy, Czech Republic
Hi Sue. Well, I must say that I have experimented minor problems due to the cold, both in Vienna and Prague. My camera is an old Pentax Espio, 7 years old, but the pictures are great. Both times the zoom got stuck. When in Vienna (two years ago, at the end of November), I couldnīt open or close the zoom, and we had to get to a cafe and warm the camera until it worked. In Prague last October, I could at least use the camera, but the zoom refused to work and to move. I thought that it could be the battery, so I changed it, but it didnīt work. Back at home, they told me at my usual shop that the cold had make solid the fat that moves the zoom. They recommended me to keep the camera always warm, maybe under the coat, inside a pocket... And of course, to carry always extra batteries.

Both times, if it helps you, I had been wandering with the camera in the hand and out of its bag. It was freezing cold in Vienna (around -10 degrees), but Prague was only 4 degrees, it wasnīt so bad.

And now, welcome to the group. I hope we can help you.

Rgds from Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)

Ps. Donīt be afraid to go to the opera.