Subject: Re: The Netherlands

> My husband is going to the Netherlands on business in mid-January and wants
> me to accompany him.

There is plenty to do in and about Amsterdam. Public transportation is very good - and recommended in Amsterdam as parking is expensive and painful. The Netherlands is small, so you could visit several different towns easily - Utrecht, Delft, Den Haag, Leiden are all reachable by train as well as organized day and half-day bus tours from Amsterdam. Also, Belgium and Germany are close. Day trips to Brugges and Antwerp, Belgium are popular. Bonn is close and easily accessible by train. And there is of course Amsterdam itself, home to many museums.

Just a note, January is likely to be cold and wet. Not to discourage you, just be prepared for rain everyday.

I'll be glad to help with more specific details if you'd like. I have friends and family visiting me in November and December so I should be an experiences tour guide soon!

Erina Amsterdam, The Netherlands