Subject: Re: Provence/Paris-Solo Traveler- Help!

I live in Lakeland, Florida and in May 1999 took British Airways out of Tampa to London and then two weeks later took train to Paris. My 77 year old mother and I love gardens--so Giverney was important to us--we stayed in the village of Giverney (the gardens are closed on Monday, we came in on Monday and left Thursday and back to Paris and the train to Avignon) where we rented a car. . . we stayed east of Nyons. . . Coming out of France we went from Marsailles back to London and then on into Tampa. What an adventure! As I remember British Airways flies on certain days out of Tampa. . . by leaving for our holiday in May our fare was very reasonable.

I Just signed on to this list. . . it's fabulous---I loved the emails on Tuscany and driving a standard shift. . . (the gentleman from Missouri had me roaring!!!) I had difficulty getting out of the parking lot in Avignon and figuring out how to get the car in reverse. . . what the heck!!! Gave some folks a chance to be kind and show me what to do!!!

Lillian Blessing-Woods Lakeland, Florida