Subject: Re: Oaxaca
Hi Laura, Just got back from a five day trip to San Antonio and while reviewing messages I found your's regarding Oaxaca. I'll be glad to help. I was last there two years ago. In the city we stayed at Las Golondrinas a very nice pension just a few blocks north of the zocalo. As far as the coast is concerned we went to Puerto Escondido (by air taxi; a 45 min. flight vs. an 8 hour bus ride). While there we stayed at the Hotel Arcoiris on Zicatela Beach. A little run down but inexpensive. Closeby and in better shape was the Hotel Santa Fe. We preferred the Arcoiris for its rates, friendly innkeeper (Bob), and the troop of Brazilian surfers who were making it their homestead while braving the swells of the Mexican Pipeline. Here's a good website about Puerto Escondido: o.html

The woman who wrote this article, Geri Anderson, has previously been a member of the Travelzine. She lives in the city of Oaxaca. And although I've never met her we've corresponded about Mexico on several occasions and she's been very helpful. If you look through the website you should be able to find plenty of info about Oaxaca.

Plus, between now and March I'll be glad to give you plenty of insight into my experiences there.

John Rule San Diego, CA