Subject: Re: Airline/Airfare to Paris??
Hello Helen,

In terms of airlines, AA has been on a media roll extoling the virtues of their more leg room policy in economy class. I haven't flown with AA since this all began, so have no personal experience ( I too am a tall person, 6',5). The amount of leg room will vary with the type of aircraft you fly as well; so it might be worth finding that out in advance. I think there was an article on this subject in this past year in Conde Nast Traveler. Try and then look for the links to Conde Nast traveler, their should be an archive of articles that you can search.

As for fares, the rates you've been quoted sound a little high. Consolidators won't have their contracts yet. These agencies can sometimes get you good deals, sometimes not. Generally, they will get you very good deals on business class fares, and lesser savings on economy. Consolidator fares, also generally don't come with 'perks' like being able to collect your frequent flier miles, so no AA advantage points if you're on a consolidator fare. I've also heard, that if your flight is over-booked and the usual routine of asking for 'volunteers' to give up their seats, doesn't yield the required number of vacancies, that people on consolidators fares are in the 'first bump' slot. Again, this has been relayed to me by people who have flown on consolidator fares, and been bumped twice when the aforementioned scenario came up. It could (probably is) just circumstance; so I wouldn't let that stop me from buying a really good fare from a consolidator on a scheduled airline.

John Wiernikowski Hamilton, Ontario CANADA