Subject: Re: Airline leg room
Avoid the 747 and L-1011. They have a 2-5-2 configuration so there are 3 seats in the middle. Look for a 767 or other plane that has a 2-3-2 arrangement in coach. If you prefer an aisle (as I do), you have a 4 out of 7 chance of getting one and only a 1 out of 7 chance of the dreaded middle seat.

And always ask if you are receiving a bulkhead seat so you know to avoid it. They are TERRIBLE. No leg room and no underseat storage.

Since you are planning so far in advance, I will warn you of another airline practice. They will occasionally change the aircraft used on a particular route. When they do that, they reassign everybody who already had a reservation. You may be moved to an unacceptable seat. Remain diligent about checking with the airline every month. There is nothing you can do to prevent this situation, but you can give yourself ample opportunity to remedy potential trouble.

Mark Los Angeles, CA