Subject: Re: Re: Airline leg room
Mark, I agree with your counsel about 767's, my fave craft, and with the caveat re: last minute craft changes. AA, though, promises full first class pitch on domestic flights, and my 6'2 software consultant confirms it's very pleasant, after a cross county return he just completed, flying American. UAL offers economy plus seating in the front rows of economy for 20,000+ mile flyers in its Mileage Plus program, and I can confirm it affords very comfortable pitch seating, too, having missed the flight on which I had an upgrade to first and was hence only able to get e+ seating on the next flight. Just back from Hong Kong last week though, and I can confirm UAL has NOT provided e+ seating in its '47's, though the rumor is, even on those craft, United will eventually provide it. For comfort, Helen may have to pick and choose craft and carrier where she can. I'm surprised at the number of travelers who have NOT discovered inflatable neck cushions (the pillowettes the airlines hand out are useless, even in the premier classes on UAL) eyeshades, and earplugs, all f which make a huge difference in comfort, I find. And if you've traveled recently, have you noticed? UAL and AA are offering FREE wine and headsets! Though I don't drink, and DO carry my own earphones, I see others taking advantage of the change, evidently the effect of the DOT's getting after the airlines as a result of all the complaints tendered.. Still looking forward to a GTG., Regards, Daniel