Subject: Bonnaire

To me, especially under the sea, it was the most beautiful place in the world. I'd been snorkelling in a few other places, none of which had compared at all. There were more fish, more variety, lots of coral [watch out for the fire coral, it does bite!] and the waters were much clearer and cleaner than, say Aruba, or anywhere in the U.S.A. The fish had never maybe experienced being fished, they were so tame. Many of them did not mind being touched or reached for, just barely left untouched; they seemed so delicate that I did not want to hurt them though they were so beautiful that I could almost not help but reach toward them, wanting to pet them.

We went snorkelling by this old ship wreck also. It was a most inspiring place. Scuba diving is said to be the best in the wrold there and we were told that one could go down 100s of feet and see many more marvels too!

We stayed with friends, so I cannot say what establishment there would be best for accomodations. I did enjoy riding around in their jeep and when I did get the chance, I took a walk through the street markets. Such beautiful hand crafts and things! I being the T-shirt freak, bought mostly these. For years, I got compliments on those T-shirts too! Some were funny, some hand painted, some just bright and colorful.

The local folks I did get a chanced to chat with, they were warm, friendly and helpful. Bonnaire is probably the place in this world I remember with the most fond memories of all.

Yours, Sheila Barrera