Subject: Re:Recco
Hi Debbie, No, I don't remember having seen your message about Recco. Yes,I've been there....well' it's not exactly one of the nicest spots in the Riviera di Levante,and it's not really a small town.A lot of traffic there,actually.It's famous for its focaccia. Focaccia is a kind of bread thet is typical of Liguria,it comes plain or with various ingredients,namely olives,rosemary,onions.While the Ligurian standard focaccia is 1 inches thick,fluffy and spread with olive oil on its upper surface before cooking,Recco focaccia is equally oily but much thinner(containing much less levure),and it's filled with cheese.I don't crave for any of the two versions, but they're very popular among both residents and tourists. Ciao ciao, Leonardo