Subject: Re: Levanto or Monterosso/CinqueTerre
Monterosso is indeed nice, as it is in sight of the Cinque Terre coast, but easily accessible by car. It has a fenced parking at a daily fee, you won't anyway park easily elsewhere. Levanto is flatter and wider, with less CT charm but easy to find accomodations with private parking, many hotel, pensions and apartments. I can't really suggest any hotel as I stayed at a tourist bungalow village in Bonassola, a few kms west of Levanto.

Please be advised the October and November rains caused some slides on all Cinque Terre, so the walking path is now damaged and closed. I hope they'll be able to repair it by nex year. FYI the rain poured so hard that the layer of earth covering the graves in Manarola cemetery was washed away uncovering the burials.