Subject: Travelling with books

thinking about literature and travel, I wonder if anybody has ever tried to follow the footsteps of the characters in a book describing a town or a place you visited. Many famous writers (Dickens, Joyce, Stendhal just for naming a few) were frequent travellers and they depicted in detail some of the places they had seen. I tried it once in Wien: I found at the hotel one of those magazines about local events and shows, in which there was a sketched tour of The Third Man (by Graham Greene) Vienna. It was a promotional for a walked guided tour, which I hadn't the time to take, but it was anyway interesting to go to the places of the novel and see how little some of them had changed. I have to say I was lucky because I had re-read the book and re-seen the movie (starring Orson Welles) just a short time before, therefore I remembered it very well. Any personal experience or any book suggestion?