Subject: Re: Travelling with books, City of Djins

When I was in Delhi a couple of months ago I bought William Dalrymple's excellent book on Delhi called City of Djins. It's a travel book in time rather than space. He explores the history of the many cities of Delhi going out to find old buildings, many derelict and in danger of demolition. Many of these buildings are never visited and few know their significance. Interspersed with this search is a personal account of his and his wife's stay in the city. He also uses people's personal stories and histories, mainly from the days of the Partition, to flesh out the human story.

Knowing parts of Delhi reasonably well, I was able to picture his story for myself. Unfortunately I didn't start the book until I was on the flight home but I'm eager to get back and take up the trail his book has set for me.

Patrick Horton