Subject: New Orleans

So glad you had a good time in New Orleans. That rain we had was making up for nearly a whole summer without, but I'm sorry it came when you did.

Galatoire's is my favorite restaurant as well - in fact, we almost had a get together - and if you ate early on Friday, maybe we did and just didn't know it. Friday lunch is my favorite time to go, and on that awful rainy Friday while you were in town, I was at Galatoire's from 11:30 til 5. Did you see the soon-to-be bride in her wedding veil and bouquet (with the wind-up plastic penis in the middle) leading the whole place in a rousing rendition of Going to the Chapel ?? The Dixie Cups have nothing on the folks at Galatoire's... I had the Godchoux's salad and pompano with crabmeat, and as usual, it was delicious.

By the way, Progress makes better muffaletas than Central - Central just gets more press. Next time get a special at Progress. And you're absolutely right about the Hyatt - fine for a meeting, but you would be hard pressed to know where in the world you are when you're inside that hotel.

If anyone is coming to New Orleans and wants a wonderful lunch, just let me know. I'm always looking for an excuse to go to Galatoire's.

Callie in New Orleans