Subject: Italy again
Hi Debbie, regarding some suggestions for places to visit I highly recommend taking the No. 1 autostradda which by the way is free , and go North. There are great places to visit, being a fascinating Etruscan area. We stayed a couple of days in Massa Maritima a little jewel of a city, the best hotel in town is the Il Sole Phone:- 0566 /901 971 which is very pleasant and really very inexpensive, with a great location. M.M is a tiny town anyway.,to give you an idea when I went to mass on Sunday the lady that passed the basket salute each one of us with a Buon Giorno ! The upper part of the city is called Citta Nuova and we are talking of early XIV century. Yes I am looking forward to to back to Massa Maritima. I really loved it. North there is Volterra which is absolutely beautiful , and of course you have Pisa,LUcca and by the coast the famous Porto Ercole and so many more places.... Graziella- Miami Beach.