Subject: Spiritual destinations
In the region lying west of Evora important remnants of megalithic monuments (dolmens and menhirs)have been identified,dating back to the neolithic period( 4000-2000 years b.C.)These monuments are to be found in the countryside and are reached by unpaved roads that start from villages nearby and go through amazingly beautiful cork-tree and almond-tree plantations.
>From Evora take the N380 southwest in the direction of Alcaçovas.After 10 km,take a secondary road to Valverde;from this village an unpaved road takes you to the Anta do Zambujal,one of the largest dolmens in the iberic peninsula( it's 6 mt. tall). (From here you can go further to Sao Brisso,where a chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Livramento has its portal built with the stones of a dolmen,calle d the anta de Sao Brissos,but I dodn't visit this site). Again,from Evora take the N114 west.After 7 km,take left to the village of Guadalupe,from which an unpaved road climbs the Monte dos Almendres( almond tree mountain),where a menhir 2.5 mt tall and a cromelech,which is a series of 95 monoliths that form a elissoidal pattern. Santiago do Escoural is a village that is near both the places I mentioned,which I didn't visit,but I know there's a cave with rock paintings thought to be works of the Cro- Magnon human.
>From Castelo de Vide( I recommend you wholeheartedly this small town),take N246 direction NW and turn right towards the village of Povoa e Meadas,but shortly after turn again right and you'll find an imposing Menhir(there are signposts but I don't remember exactly the way there).From the Menhir you can drive further north a couple of Kms. and then back south towards the stupendous castle of Marvao. You will love Alentejo in the spring,and its hearty,cheap food !