Subject: Re: City Hostel/Vondelpark

Although I don't know this specific hostel, I can give you some pros for hostels in general. I've stayed in them all over the world (and yes, I'm a 60-year old grandmother too). Pros: generally good locations for public transport, good price, lots of opportunity to meet travelers of all ages from around the world, cooking facilities, and often laundry facilities as well. Cons: sometimes noisy. In all my years of hosteling, the only really annoying fellow traveler was an American, sadly, who refused to share her 8-bedded room with anyone and put up such a fuss that the wardens (hostel managers) were at their wits' end; finally other guests simply dragged mattresses into the common area and slept on the floor. Rude, she was!

Part of hosteling is the communal atmosphere, so if you're an intensely private person, this isn't the way to go. And if you're not sure, what a great time to find out if you'd like it. My guess is you'll get hooked!

Gail In Eugene but wishing she were back in Oz