Subject: Re: Spain Photo tour
Hi Erina,

October was a very good month. Not hot or cold, although it did get much cooler in Madrid which I think is cooler anyway and we went there at the end of the trip. We did get more days of rain than I would have liked (I wanted none!) but life doesn't stop at all because of the rain (like it sometimes does here in Los Angeles.) Certain cities were much warmer than others. We had our best weather in Seville.

I brought a raincoat/all weather type coat, and one sweater/jacket, and except for those few moments in Madrid I was fine. I also tend to get cold if it drops below 68F degrees, so most people would probably be fine!

The best part of going in October was the lack of crowds. We did still have to get Alhambra tickets in advance, but didn't have much trouble getting in to anywhere else.

I think late September/early October would be an excellent time to be there.

Natalie Los Angeles