Subject: London inexpensive options? (was Tent City)
Hi About cheap room in London:

I have never heard of Tent City, but I do have personal experience with staying in University dormitories in London. I did this on my first trip to London 16 years ago, and I would do it again. In fact, I am seriously considering it for a trip in the next few years. There is an orgainzation whose directory provides contact information for dormitory stays all over the world. I have an outdated directory around here somewhere, and it you are serious about dorm accomodations in London, I will do hunting for it. Also, Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine had an excellent ariicle about this very subject, with descriptions of the specific dorms, costs, and contact information, just last year. You may be able to access this ariticle from their website:

And if not there, the library will certainly be able to help you find the article.

Sadly the dormitory my cousin and I stayed in, and loved, no longer exists. It was in Regent's Park, with the driveway beginning on the Outer Circle, near the Mosque. It was a lovely building, old but comfortable. I believe breakfast (hearty student fare) is usually included.

We Ziners are a friendly bunch, and would like to know your name. Good luck, Debbie in Pittsburgh

PS. The book Cheap Sleeps in London is widely available and may also be of help. I here London this summer will be jammed, so I suggest booking early.